Yesterday wasn’t to bad, I got up with Tony in the morning before he left to go to work, he had asked me the night before if I would make him a couple of sandwiches for his lunch, and I have to get up with him anyways, so he can change my dressing on my back, so I fixed his lunch for him. 

After he left, I was going to go back to bed,  as I haven’t been sleeping well, for the past few days, but when I fixed myself some breakfast, I made a cup of coffee, (which I shouldn’t have done, as it woke me up!) So afterwards I ended up staying awake, but not really doing much of anything. 

Flash forward through the day, took a small nap in the afternoon, and when Tony came home, he was totally exhausted, so a quick dinner of left overs, a shower, dressing change, he was in bed. Nightly prayers were said, and he went to bed.

I finished up a load of laundry, and ran to the store for a couple of things, and by now the weather had turned quite nasty, very windy, and very cold. I received a call from Julie, our groups facilitator, telling me she didn’t have an answer for us yet, but should by today.

Since TCF cancelled the international candle lighting for this Sunday, our little group is trying to set up our own small candle light in, but we needed a place to do it. The plan is to meet there at 6:30, visit a little, then take our candles and pictures of our children out to the parking lot, do the candle lighting at 7:00 pm, then afterwards, go back inside for some munchies and coffee. Plans are on hold till we hear back from Julie.

I sent out a text message to the group, giving them an update, then spoke with another group member for a while, she was calling to check on Tony and I.

Ended up staying up till around 2:00 am, had had some emotional problems during the late evening, which left me feeling out of sorts the rest of the night. So this morning, got up with Tony again, did the dressing change, got Tony out the door, and here I am.

I am definitely going back to bed this morning. My lack of sleep is catching up with me, and a migraine is brewing. 

Will probably post again later, but right now my body is telling me I need sleep.