Snipping and snapping

Over the last week I have taken Tony to work everyday, except yesterday. I always take him on Monday’s, because that’s support group day, and then we go to his therapy session. This time I didn’t go in with him. He asked his therapist if they were going to be talking about his father again, and she said yes, she still had some questions, so we both agreed that if he needed me, he could come and get me anytime.

I ended up staying out though the whole session. I did however, make an appointment for my first appointment with my new therapist. But I decided to wait until I get back from my trip for the first one. So I guess that’s a start .

Tuesday, I took Tony to work again, had a couple of doctor appointments. But I didn’t go to the second appointment, I was totally exhausted and had a very nasty headache brewing. Wednesday, I had to take the car again, had prescriptions to get filled, and on one, I miscalculated the days, so it couldn’t be filled till Thursday. Then I remembered why…the doctors office had had to schedule me two days earlier than I usually went to see him, thus I got my dates mixed up.

I really didn’t want to have to take the car again. I was tired, and getting out of sorts, so I asked Tony if he wouldn’t mind picking up the prescriptions on his way home. He agreed, thankfully. But they weren’t ready like they were supposed to be, and for some reason that escapes me, they didn’t fill one of the prescriptions, they said it was on hold for some reason, so I will have to call in the morning to find out why.

Friday I had already made plans to spend the day with my Mom. So I will be taking him to work again. I can check on that other prescription in the morning. Go get my hair trimmed, and then spend most of the day with my Mom, as planned.

I have noticed that this week I have been quite a bit snippy, towards Tony. And I really don’t know why. I have snapped at him, so much so, that he asked me why I was so angry with him. Yesterday, I was beside myself at my attitude lately. I was almost in tears telling him how sorry I was, but that I didn’t know why.

He simply said that I really needed to make this trip to Arizona, that obviously I needed to get away for a bit. He’s probably right…I haven’t done or gone anywhere, especially since Jennifer left us.

The only truly hard thing for both of us is that neither of us sleep very well without the other. After being together for 34 years, it is difficult. Even when we both had our surgeries it was like that. But I think it’s worse, now that Jennifer is gone.