After the healing ritual on Thursday morning, Joanne and I got on the road to go to Phoenix, which is a couple of hours away from where my sister Brenda lives. As we drove along, we had time again to chitchat. She was telling me about things that were going on where she works, (and until May of 2012, where I also had worked).

We stopped once along the way, to get gas, and coffee. As we started to get closer to Phoenix, I was surprised about what a difference it was from where my sister lives. Gone were the vast open spaces that we had been seeing so much of since entering Arizona. Now, as we got closer to Phoenix, the change was pretty dramatic. We went from very rural to a large city.

Before long, the GPS was telling us that we were just a few miles from Joanne’ s Moms’ house. We arrived at Connie’ s house, and decided to bring in our stuff a little later, and went inside. I felt so welcomed, and very relaxed. Normally, when I first meet someone, and go to their home, I am very nervous.

Connie and her husband Irvin made me feel so at home. I also got to meet Mary, Joanne’ s Aunt, and Georgie, Joanne’ s sister, and little Jasmine, Mary’s granddaughter. Everyone made me feel so very welcomed, and comfortable.

Georgia helped us unload our stuff from the car. Joanne wouldn’t let me help much, she kept saying because of my back. But I felt bad having someone else do my work. But everyone kept insisting.

We stayed with Connie and Irvin until very early on Sunday morning, when we left to come back home. I truly enjoyed myself the whole time we were there. The whole trip to Arizona was very nice, and I look forward to going back there again.

The only real problem that I had was due to the little hike we went on at Montezuma’ s Well. My back paid me back from that little jaunt! I had to lay down with pillows doubled up under my knees, and take my medication. So I was pretty much out of commission for pretty much that whole day.

All in all, getting out of town was very nice, and I had a wonderful time. We shall see if this helped any with my depression.