My day after the dreaded holiday

Ok, I know yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I hope we all made it through it. I prayed quite a bit, just asking God to comfort all those in need of His love, and asked for special care for all our loved ones that now rest in His loving arms.

I did blog, for a couple of reasons. Number one reason always…that no matter what my subject title is, or whatever I happen to be rambling on about, though important to me at that moment, is and always will be for and about, my beloved Jennifer.

My second reason is that I deeply care about this blog! The only reason it even came about, was through the death of my beloved daughter, Jennifer. And I guess there is a third reason, that I began the blog to begin with. 

When Jennifer passed, I hunted and haunted the web. Looking for blogs with similar challenges that I found myself facing. Perhaps, as I have learned, I wasn’t using the right “key words or phrases”, that I now am aware, that that’s how some searches are done.

Anyways, not really finding what I desperately needed, and was seeking was…validation from other parents, going through what I was, and not feeling like I was losing my mind. All this was even before we found our first support group.

So I got on Google and floundered my way through all the steps to create my first, and only blog. At times it was so confusing!! And my initial blogs were so very basic. As I researched, I learned how to add things to my blog. I added “gadgets”, as they are called. I added a few very special pictures of my daughter, and the more I learned, the more I would add. 

Hopefully it looks better. More importantly, my hope is that some other parent, or someone else who has suffered a loss, will be able to find my blog, and most importantly…that our story may help someone. Even just one person, who was like me, in pain and grief, and searching for something, anything that might be of some help.

What you “see” is what you get from me. I promise to always be honest, and if anyone ever wants to just talk…My email is listed, and I do check it daily, (usually several times a day). So, please never be afraid to reach out. I have found, through here and Facebook, that sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone who may be a stranger at first, and someone who can relate to exactly what you are feeling, but over the last several months, I have found that those “strangers”, that I did reach out to, are now my friends and family. They “get” me. 

And I hope you to will find a way for you to reach out. I was Facebook dumb at first, just like I was, (and still am regarding this blogging thing, but I am forever researching!). You will find strangers sending you (((((HUGS))))), and other comments.

There are many communities, with regards to your type of loss, and they are wonderful. But there are many, many people out here who just want to offer their support and caring.