Light up a life

Last night we went to the “Light up a Life” service that is put together every year by Nathan Adelson Hospice. The service included poems, music, and then the calling out the name’s of those who had passed on, as a candle was lit and a bell chimed with each name. At the beginning of the program every one was given a program, that listed the speakers or the music or songs sung.

On the opposite side of the program was a list of the name’s of each person that we were there to honor. Unfortunately, I recognized too many of the name’s. I shouldn’t know this many names, my heart shouldn’t hurt so much as their name was called out, and I shouldn’t have a face and family that I know intimately.

There were seven names that I know. I know how they were lost, and I know the families to whom they belong to.

Jennifer’s name seemed to jump out at me. Tony was in such terrible anguish. Each time he opened the program he would immediately find her name, and start to cry.

I was also surrounded by my family members from our grief support group. Sara sat next to me, and as she broke down, she whispered to me that she was so alone. I took her hand, and placed my arm around her shoulders and told her, “You are not alone. You have us, we are your family now and forever.

Many tears were released, as we all mourned our lost love one’s. Five of the name’s that I know, were those of the children of the members from our support group.

Tony said, this program was like the ones we used to get, when Jennifer was in the orchestra in middle school. She played the violin. That should have been the type of program that we were there to see…a school holiday program, not a program to honor her life.