Healing Ritual

I called Jennifer, the lady I met in Sedona yesterday, where I bought the angel crystal, and made arrangements to meet with her, for the healing ritual she told me about. We made arrangements to meet at a gas station and then she wanted to take me to Montazuma’ s Well, which isn’t very far from my sister, Brenda’ s home.

When we met at the gas station, she explained that she wanted to take us to Montazuma’s Well because it is an ancient Indian place, that is very spiritual. So we followed her there, and hiked up to the top part of the well. There are still some homes or buildings that are built into the rock sides of the well.

We stood at the top for a while, and she spoke about what she was going to do. She told us the story about the white buffalo which brings new beginnings through prayer, and of a new path. We then followed the path down, to almost the waters edge. She led us to a spot, just off the main trail.

Jen then spoke about the ritual that she was going to perform on me. She lit a small piece of root that she called bear root, and waved it over my entire body, and Joanne’ s as well. This is to cleanse us. She then sang a song, in an Indian language, occasionally shaking a rattle.

Then she had me face her, and said we were going to read a statement to each other. Except, she was going to be Jennifer, reading to me, and I was to be myself, reading to Jennifer. So she began reading the statement or message to me. It truly was as if Jennifer was the one speaking the words. Jen became very emotional as she read, and tears were streaming down my face.

Then it was my turn, and as I read the words, I felt like I was reading to my Jennifer. The words were about all encompassing and all unconditional love that Jennifer and I have for each other. And that from this moment on, we will continue to have this unconditional love for each other, and that we will go forward together on this path.

She then ‘re-lit the bear root and again waved it over my body, and at certain points, she would take this huge eagle feather and wave it over the part she cleansed, and then would shake it hard over my left shoulder. She did this over my entire body, and had me raise my arms up and out to the side’s of my body. Each time she would shake the eagle feather hard over my left shoulder. This is to release all the negative from me.

Next she sang another Indian chant or song, this time softer. When she finished the song, she turned back to me and I embraced her. Then she embraced me again, but this time, the embrace was different…She said that we needed to embrace “heart to heart”. She explained that most people don’t embrace that way naturally, but it is better to embrace heart to heart.

Then she gave me another hug, and gave one to Joanne also.

The whole thing was truly beautiful, and after we hiked back to where we had parked, I felt so relaxed, and had a great feeling of peace. Jen said she would keep in touch with me, and would send me meditations.

I am so very glad I decided to do this. My job now is to try to hold onto what was given to me…hope, and working on everything that I can find, that will help me to connect with Jennifer.