On Tuesday after I picked Tony up from work, we had to go by the store to pick up a couple of prescriptions, and when we got home I took the clothes out of the washing machine, and tossed them into the dryer. Just before I started the dryer, I ran my hand around the bottom of the washer, just like I always do, just in case there was something in some one’s pockets.

As I ran my hand around, I looked down and saw something at the bottom, in one of the little holes. I reached down and I knew exactly what it was…the teardrop pendant was sticking up. As I picked it up gently, I was surprised to see that the chain and the other little religious charm, were still attached.

I slowly pulled the chain upwards, afraid it would break. It came out perfectly…all in one piece, nothing broken. I quickly went into the living room, where Tony was and told him I had something really important to show him.

I took his hand and placed the necklace in it. He didn’t say a word. He sat there holding it in both hands, as I was quickly explaining where I had found it. I told him that Jennifer had returned it to him. I whispered it was another sign from her.

He stayed so quiet, crying. I just kept saying that Jennifer brought it back to him. And after a few minutes, he said, oh it probably came off when I took off one of my shirts. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Why can’t he accept these gifts she keeps giving him? Why does he always find a way to explain it? It made me so angry! I got mad at him, and told him that that was from Jennifer, and I had to go outside for a few minutes to calm down. He keeps receiving these signs that I consider gifts from her, and everything has an explanation.

Then he comes outside and tells me that he is very happy that I found it, but he believes it was in the washer all along, and we just didn’t see it.