Back home

We got back home from Arizona, on Sunday at about 12:30. It was nice to be on familiar ground again. Joanne’ s husband picked us up, and dropped me off at home. Tony came downstairs to help unload all my stuff, and to thank Martin for picking us up, and driving me home.

I was very happy to be home! I had missed Tony so much, it was so good to give him a hug, and felt so wonderful to just be home. We had stopped at a sandwich shop on the way home, so after we said goodbye to Joanne and Martin, Tony and I ate our lunch, and then we both decided to lay down and take a nap.

First I sent text messages to both my sister and my Mom, letting them know we had made it home, safe and sound. Then all I wanted to do was lay down with Tony, and of course Chansey, our cat. I hadn’t realized how driving for several hours can make you so tired! And Joanne drove most of the way home.

I unpacked my suitcase with just the stuff that, even though in plastic bags, could spill or leak, and decided to wait till later to unpack the rest. I couldn’t wait to lay down with my husband, and snuggle with him. I ended up sleeping for several hours! I guess I was more tired than I thought.

When I got up, I told Tony about the Healing ritual, and showed him my little Angel pendant. He said that I should buy a stronger chain for the two pendants, so that I wouldn’t lose them. I would be devastated if I lost these two pendants. One is a teardrop, and it holds my daughter Jennifer’s ashes, and the other is the new Angel pendant.

All in all it was a great trip, and I am glad I did it.