We arrived very late Monday night, around midnight. I am so very glad that Joanne came with me, it was so nice being able to talk and laugh with her! We somehow always manage to crack each other up. And we laugh at the silliest things, usually dumb things we heard or said.

We met up with Brenda just off the freeway, so we could follow her to her house. We never would have found it on our own. The GPS that my Dad let us borrow was a huge help, but I am not sure if it would have led us to Brenda’ s house. It’s totally off the main roads, and of course, it is pitch black outside, and there aren’t any streetlights.

Anyways, we were following her and we are going down this dirt road, when she suddenly pulled to the other side of the road, and Joanne’ s says, “oh we must be in China now, because we are driving on the wrong side of the road.” It was such a little comment, but probably because we were so tired, it was hilariously funny. Then she suddenly veered off to the other side of the road, so I said, look we’re back in the states now! And off we went, into peels of laughter.

At this point I am begging Joanne to stop, we are laughing so hard, I told her if we didn’t I was going to per my pants! We were both just being silly. It felt nice to laugh for a change. I always have so much fun with Joanne.

We slept in pretty late on Tuesday, with one of Brenda’ s dogs, Buddy, sleeping with us. After we got up, we took our time, got ready to go into town to get something to eat and then went to Flagstaff to go to the mall. I was getting a new phone, and giving Brenda my phone. After we took care of that we shopped a bit, and then headed home.

Brenda made us chili when we got home, it was really good, and perfect on a cold night. We all went to bed early, because we are going to Sedona tomorrow.

I am particularly interested in the spiritual thing that are called a Vortex. So I really want to go to the stores that sell crystals, and explain what the different types of stones or crystals are for. Really looking forward to tomorrow.