An adopted turtle and a new blog

I started working on a new blog a couple of weeks ago.  I have already  chosen the name for my new blog, and I have purchased the domain for the new blog. We haven’t had the money to sign up with one of the TV providers,  and we were a little bit to busy to mess with one of the companies that offer TV service, as well as Internet service.

 Some great news for a change….we just made our very last car payment, YEAH!!!!

My adopted aquatic turtle needs a lot of stuff, and since we got him in a larger tank, he has grown quite a lot. So I bought a used larger tank from a website called “Offer Up” where you can buy and sell stuff. (it is kind of like those huge swap meets that you could find at drive in movie theaters).          all the necessary equipment that he needs.

But this time, when I was purchasing his equipment,  I purposely bought equipment that could be transferred to an even larger tank, should that need arise.

So, I need to clean the tank,  it has a couple of hard water deposits that need to be cleaned,  plus the tank came with sand in the bottom of the tank. And because it is very difficult to find out the sex of a turtle, till they are around 4-6 years old. 

And should my turtle turn out to be a female, well she has to  have a lay her eggs. I didn’t know that female turtles will lay eggs, whether they are fertilized or not.

And that’s what the sand in the used tank will be perfect for, the sand will provide what the turtle needs to lay her eggs, and cover them with the sand.

Needless to say, we are hoping that our turtle turns out to be a male! But unfortunately it is apparently difficult to sex a turtle until they are entering adulthood.  Well if she’s a

female, we will be ready if that issue if she needs needs it.

I never realized that aquatic turtles could actually be fun raising them. They have their own little personalities. And right now he is being stubborn, because when we introduced bugs  into his diet, he went crazy and decided that that was the only thing he wants to eat!

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