Letters to Heaven

Well, I just posted my very first entry to my new blog, Letters to Heaven. Now comes the challenging part….to keep posting on my first blog, Loving and Losing Jennifer, and post at least 2 new posts in each blog, per week.

I am still on a WordPress supported blog, on both of the blogs, but I eventually want to get away from that, and have my own personal blog sites. I have gotten the domain names, and they are both registered.

But I still have quite a bit to learn about blogging before I step out on my own.

I must say that this is a big undertaking, learning as I go. I will be looking into any tutorials for WordPress, and then learning how to go out on my own.

Yesterday was not a very good day for Tony. He is still just as fragile as he was three years ago. To be honest, he hasn’t really made much progress at all, since she passed away. Often, I feel like he died the day that she did.

The worst part for him, is the fact that a great number of people, especially those at work, think he should be “moving along”. Unfortunately, grief of this kind doesn’t move along as quickly as if you had lost a grandparent, or even a parent or even a sibling, or even your spouse.

I am not belittling any of those loses, and yes they hurt, and great deal. But a parent should never have to lose a child, no matter how old that child is at the time of their death.

Losing your child is out of the natural order of things. Your child, when they are much older, should be burying you, not the other way around.

I haven’t been going to our support group meetings for quite some time. It’s been months since I regularly attended. And there is some tension between myself and a couple of the other members.

I have been accused of being absent from meetings, and of not returning phone calls, and worst of all I have been accused sounding intoxicated on the phone.  Oh, they used the medication that I take as to why I sound intoxicated.

No one told me about any of this, they just removed my name from the cards that we hand out, and from the groups website.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much all of this hurt. And the only other response I was given, was that the decision had been made months ago.

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