A new year, and a new commitment

I am making a new commitment to myself and to my blog. I need to get back into writing again. I’ve used the excuse of not being comfortable with WordPress, as a reason why I haven’t been writing. But in all the time that I have spent away from my blog I have dome nothing to further educate myself with WordPress. That’s all going to change.

It has been a rough time for me personally in the time that I have been away from myblog. There has been many changes in my life since I last wrote anything. As part of my new commitment to my blog I am going to be going through these changes with you. Trust me when I say that my life has changed drastically in the time that I have been away. And I would like to begin by telling you about the most traumatic changes that has taken place.

So please look for my next post, as I reintroduce myself to those that have read my blog from the beginning, and introduce myself to hopefully the new readers of my blog.

And as always, I dedicate my blog and everything that I write to my beloved daughter Jennifer. For without her there would be no blog.

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