Spending a quiet weekend

Have been spending a quiet weekend with my husband. Monday, late afternoon, my friend Joanne and I leave for Arizona. I am looking forward to the trip, spending time with Joanne, and seeing my sister for a few days, and then we are going to go to Joanne’ s Mom’s house in Phoenix for a few days, then coming home on Sunday.

While I am excited about the trip, I am worried about Tony. We haven’t been apart since the last time Jennifer and I took a little trip together to San Diego, and that was some time ago. As she got older she would occasionally go away for a few days with her best friend, Eric. To go see a concert usually.

Then her boyfriend, Matthew moved in with us for what was supposed to be just a few months, but turned into eight months! Then, when Jennifer had a psychological problem and had to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital, he stole our laptop, moved out in the middle of the night, taking the cell phone that I had gotten for him to use. He left a note saying he was going to be staying with some guys he met at work.

He didn’t work for most of the eight months he lived with us, stating that he was looking, but had been unable to find anything. Which was very hard to believe, that he was looking, when I would come home from work and find Him wearing pajamas, and obviously looking like he had just gotten out of bed!

He blamed the bad economy on not being able to find anything. When I asked him if he had applied at Smith’s, a local grocery store, he said he had, but then laughed, saying he did the application in Spanish. He doesn’t really speak Spanish…except for maybe some. Basically, he wanted to work at this guitar store, and I believe that because he had applied there and not been hired, he really didn’t want to work anywhere else that he considered “beneath him”.

I would ask all the time if he applied to places like McDonald’s or Wendy’s, and his answer was always the same…no one is hiring. Really? No one? There are all kinds of shopping malls (not like huge indoor malls) with at least a hundred or so stores around us, and if he took the bus down the main street we live off of, well there are certainly hundreds more.

Sorry…kind of got off topic there for a while.

Anyways, I am going to miss Tony like crazy!!! I am sure I will be calling him at least twice a day to check on him.

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