A new friend/family member

I met Sandy at support group, she came both for herself and for her daughter. They had just lost her grandson in an auto accident. And I mean just lost! When I met Sandy, it had not even been a month since the loss.

Her pain was palpable, and all I wanted to do is rush over to her and give her a gigantic hug. That happened to be the day I was telling the group about the picture reading I had received through the new online support group I had joined. After I had shared, I told the group again about the website, and explained that if they looked into the site, and wanted to become a member, that per the administrator, to please use my name.

I received a phone call, and subsequent voice mail, from Sandy a couple of weeks later, asking me if I remembered her, and I said that I did, she then relayed to me that her daughter had checked out the site and had applied for membership, but hadn’t heard anything.

I felt bad! Here I was telling about the group and it seemed that I hadn’t been very helpful at all. I spoke to her for sometime, and after getting all the pertinent information, I said I would send a private message to someone, to see if I could help.

A couple of messages later, I was assured that they had received her request, and send her an invitation as soon as possible.

A wonderful thing happened through this…I sent a message to Sandy’ s daughter, and extended her my e-mail address, and name and phone number. I wanted her to have someone to reach out to if she ever, and I mean ever, felt the need to talk to someone.
I followed up with this, with a short call.

The day I spoke with her, I immediately felt an immediate connection with her. I knew that she and I were going to become friends. I reiterated everything that I had said in my message to her, truly meaning every word I spoke.

I got the chance to speak with her again, this time at length, and again felt the same connection, only stronger. We have made a date to meet for coffee, the first Monday after I return from my trip.

When I had spoken to her, I mentioned that I was going to have to put our cat, (really Jennifer’s cat) to sleep, as she was quite old, and having some difficulties.

Later, on the day I had to do this, I received a phone call. It was my new friend…checking up on me! The utter kindness and understanding she shared with me, truly helped me so much. Going out of her way, to see how I was doing, in the midst of everything she was going through touched me very deeply.

I can’t wait to actually meet her in person! I feel like I have known her for a very long time already, and I hope the feeling is mutual.

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