Had a pretty good day

Had a pretty good day today. Got up this morning, and took Tony to work to go to a Red Hat luncheon. Usually the luncheons are on Monday’s, and that is grief support group meeting day. I don’t miss those unless I am I’ll.

So, when they happen to have a get together on a day when I can attend, I try to make sure to attend. Not only to spend time with this wonderful, fun loving group of ladies, but I get the added bonus of spending time with both my grandmother and my Mom. Win, win in my book.

The last time I was together with everyone, was at the annual Red Hat Christmas party, which was on December 16th. Before that, I had gone to the mall with my Grandmother and my Mom, a week or so before the party.

Everyone is so understanding about my need to be doing the support group meetings, and they support that the meetings are extremely important for me. It is also very notable that they do try and make arrangements for functions that they know I will have a chance to attend. I deeply appreciate that.

Since the depression began, I have not been able to spend as much time with my Mom as I had been before. I miss that. A lot. But, my Mom, being the amazing woman that she is, always seems to know when I am having difficulties, and in her words, she tries to give me the space I seem to need, while still always being there. Sometimes all we have are a few text messages…over the course of sometimes many weeks.

She knows that I don’t like our relationship like it has been lately, I have told her how much I miss her, and miss what used to be. I miss talking to her sometimes several times a week or so. But, I have to also think about her. I know that she and my Dad are grieving too. Just in a different way than I am.

So, except for a couple of rough patches, one small one this morning, and a bigger one this evening, all in all, it was a pretty good day. And I haven’t had one of those in several weeks.

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