Picture Reading

A few weeks ago I joined an online support group, and they have been a tremendous help to me. This is somewhere that I can go to any time, day or night, and find support. You just never know when the pain and grief are going to come upon you, usually when you least expect it. There are a lot of these types of support groups online, and thankfully I have found several that pertain to my particular type of loss…that of a child or children.

Everyone is so kind and compassionate, and I am thankful for finding them. Attached with the group are several psychics and mediums, and as a member, you are able to request readings.

So last week I went to the forum, and after reading the sites rules and posting my agreement, I posted a picture of Jennifer, and requested a picture reading.

Yesterday evening I received my picture reading. Jennifer said that she is ok, and the reader said that she saw that Jennifer and I are best friends. She said that Jennifer passed from an accident, and that she wants me to know that she was thinking of me when she died, but that she wasn’t alone, her Angels were with her.

The reader asked me if I had any questions. I asked her to tell Jennifer that I love her, and will love her forever. Then the reader said, talk to her. She can hear you. After a few minutes, while I was trying to stop crying so I could read what was being said, the reader said she could feel a great deal of emotion coming from me and Jennifer.

I asked if she could see us, and the reader said that yes she can. And that  when I lay down, that she lays down with me, just like she did when she was here, and it wasn’t my imagination.  Then I expressed my thanks, and was told that Jennifer was hugging me.

I did ask several questions regarding her Dad, and she replied that she would come to him in a dream vision, and that he would “HEAR” her.

Then the reader said the session was closed. But a few minutes later, she said, that Jennifer was still hanging around. And that she liked the readers energy, and had they met here, they would have been fast friends.

The last message was, ” I Wuv you Mom, and I Wuv you Dad”, and that her death was accidental, and she didn’t mean to. And that she would always be with us, in our hearts and minds, and to talk to her, and she can see us. Light a candle for her for Christmas.

The only other question I asked was for Tony. I asked if she was gone before he came home, and she said yes, she was gone at least one hour before he got home.

I cried a lot, and felt so blessed to have this truly beautiful experience, and I know she was with me all through the reading, and even though I have always known that she is always with me, I am so happy to have had this.

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