Jennifer’s Friends

Tonight I started my most recent post on a different subject, but as I was writing it, my husband said that there was someone knocking on the door. When he opened the front door, there stood one of my daughter Jennifer’s dearest friends.

I haven’t seen or spoken with Bryant in a very, very long time. Not just in the time period since her passing, but for quite a while longer than that. He lives in Los Angeles now, and I think he has for some time.

Anyways, he had sent me a message through my Facebook account, asking if we were home right now. I was getting ready to eat dinner first, and then I planned on responding to his message.

Before I could do so, he took the chance that we might be home, and stopped by. He told me that he was here in town for the holidays, and was supposed to go back home yesterday, but couldn’t leave without stopping by in person, to pay his respects. Such a beautiful, simple thing, that he took the time to do this in person.

It was a truly beautiful experience. And after we shared some memories, he asked if it would be ok for him to go into her room, to pray for her, and also for us. Then he asked one more favor…could he touch her urn, which I said was fine. He reverently touched her urn, said something quietly to her, and then lovingly kissed it.

It was so very beautiful that I had to share this. Thank you Bryant!

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