A new online support group

I found, and applied for membership to an online support group last week, and have found so much caring and comfort there. There is one request from the application that I am still in the process of completing. They have already accepted me, and welcomed me into the group, this is just some information about us.

The last part I am working on is “Our story”, as I refer to it. The two other pieces of information that was asked for was, Jennifer’s date of birth, and her date of death, which they refer to as her transition. I think I actually prefer to think of, and call it that.

I have begun our story, and posted a picture of Jennifer as a baby. I have taken the story up to the time that we moved to where we now live. Now comes the harder part. 

Jennifer had a lot of problems that developed or showed up in her early to mid teens, and unfortunately, she had a great deal of pain and sadness in her young life. This is the part I am going to be talking about next. 

This time period is going to get harder and harder to write about, as is every post that I have written here, since her transition. I am going to be reliving all those painful times, all at once, and probably reexamining every thing I maybe could have done differently. I am going to be reliving all the pain leading up to her death that she endured.

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